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The one with the Pandem GT86 on the cover. And a walkthrough on winter’s most outrageous events, like SEMA, Essen, Auto Live and even the Manila Truck Show. Bagged rides and a Renault Hot Rod emphasize our unique point of view on the car scene.

GR8 Magazine Edition 133

GR8 magazine cover editie 133


About this Edition

GR8MAG tries to bring a fascinating bouquet of styles, brands and scenes. This month’s cover car is the extreme wide Toyota GT86 by Pandem with lots of other trumps. Other features include a bagged Mazda MX-5, an unique Renault hot rod, a hydraulic Opel Astra, a stunning Chevy C-3100 and an Audi A3 saloon.

During the cold winter season, we visited an awfull lot of car events and this was our selection for this issue: the Essen Motor Show, SEMA, Naft, Nosforatu, Top Tuning Luxemburg, Auto Live Rotterdam, Taco Las Vegas and the Manilla Truck Show.

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