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GR8 Magazine was established over 20 years ago but was subject to an extreme make-over, five years ago. Ever since, GR8 has become a beacon for fresh content, thrilling machines and a true spokesman of the Belgian and Dutch tuning scene.

GR8 magazine has always been a keen witness of the Belgian car tuning scene. Influenced by all sorts of streams and scenes, the Belgian scene is one to follow. And that’s reflected in our full colour magazine, cover 2 cover, stuffed with the best rides from our scene and its surroundings. With a vast section of features, the magazine is loaded with show reports, news items and nice-to-read’s.

It has become both a thrilling and entertaining habbit of us to host our very own yearly GR8 International Car Show. Over 800 of the best and most stunning cars from the European scene gather around Easter time @ Kortrijk Xpo.

What's gr8mag about?
Belgian quality content, all year long, every single time

As a true spokesman of our local community, we use our authority to bring the best rides to the world. And our local readers are been threated with the best wheels from over the entire planet.

We mainly cover the best of our own, local rides, but we can’t help to lose ourselves by those epic rides that rule the world.

Our planet is threated with a vast list of car gatherings. A thrilling combination of local meets and international shows are subject to each issue we produce.

Not one, nor five, but a neverending stream of freelance photographers provide us with the best rides they’ll get their rigs on.

It’s obvious that those who want to change the game, the pioneers from our scene line up to join us. And we’d like to give them a warm welcome aboard.

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