GR8 Magazine is the oldest – and only – standing printed magazine for car enthusiasts in Belgium. 20 years old, proudly standing strong and representing one of the most thrilling car communities in Western Europe.

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About GR8MAG

The crew behind GR8MAG are car enthusiasts of the purest breed. We’re speaking for every single sole when we say they don’t just work for GR8MAG, they are all having a blast in their quest to bring one of the fines magazines on the market.

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Belgium only

  • 80 pages
  • Cars
  • Show reports
  • And more!
5 editions

The Netherlands only

  • 80 pages
  • Cars
  • Show reports
  • And more!
5 editions

Meet our team

Responsible editor

Dries Dumoulin

Feature editor & writing

Valery D'haenen


Christopher Fuchs


Tom Nuyens

Alain Van Wyk

Nathalie Van Gasse

Freelance photographers

Dieter Lamaire

Christophe Dolphen

Wim Philippaerts

Matthias Jocque

Senta Looverier

Automotiv App

Matthijs Van Wijk

Jaco Markus

Rick Romijn

Waldie Rutten

Timothy Versluys

Kristof van Daele

Michael De Baets

Kristof Ringoot

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